Smart digital LED for Ky Dai Hue

Ky Dai became the highlight of the night scene between the ancient city of Hue after being equipped with Philips LED system.
Launched in early February, the new Vaya LED lighting system has helped Kyans become a landmark in the heart of the ancient city of Hue, helping to make the 200-year-old historical heritage more prominent at night. Many visitors to Hue did not miss the opportunity to check-in this tourist destination.

The Kyat Fine Art Lighting Project employs nearly 600 sets of Vaya Flood, Vaya Linear and Vaya Spot LEDs to illuminate and decorate the entire facade of the three high ceilings. 17.5 meters and flagpole 37 meters high. The Vaya LED solution has been carefully considered by Philips to ensure the seamless operation of the entire lighting system, as well as to harness the power of LEDs and digital control technology. Intelligent.

“Intelligent digital lighting allows for special lighting effects that traditional lighting technology will not be able to achieve. for the architectural and cultural values ​​of a building that has lived through many ups and downs of history, but still maintains harmony with the surrounding landscape, including the vestiges of the Imperial Citadel, “said Antonio. Said Espada Cid, general manager of Philips Electronics Vietnam.


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