Using LED for interior lighting

LEDs have a wide range of colors to create a variety of colors, suitable for lighting and interior decoration.
In addition to providing light for the needs of living and working people, lighting equipment is also used to enhance the aesthetics of the home, decorating the beauty of objects in each room. Among them, LED lighting is the solution saving energy, friendly environment is popular with many customers. The product has many models, suitable for various types of furniture and space.

When choosing a light source, professionals usually judge based on color rendering index (CRI). High color rendering of the light source will make the object appear real and vibrant. When testing eight standard colors ranging from 0 to 100, it was found that compact fluorescent lamps with CRI 60-80 and LEDs with CRI 80-90 were suitable for interior lighting.

With special emission characteristics for wide spectrum distribution, LEDs provide real light, no glare and glare. This light has a wide color range (from 2700K hot to 6500K cold) for a variety of colors.

In places where more white light is required, such as the bathroom, living room, ball light bulbs, LED type, reed headlamps increase illumination, reduce glare. In particular, the line of ceiling lights placed under the plaster ceiling reduces the roughness, bringing light to the user.


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